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A dash cam can capture the incident and provide vital information on who was involved and can be used as a tool in assigning fault for an accident. Without a video footage, it'll be difficult to determine who was at-fault in an accident. This could result in your insurance premiums going up.

1. There is evidence to prevent touching porcelain


Over the years, those who have helped tens of thousands of people have helped tens of thousands of people, and the malicious incidents of helping the big money from Daben to bicycles are hard to prevent. The driving recorder can protect the legitimate rights and interests of drivers. For situations that may be extorted, the driver can be for himself. Provide valid evidence.

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Second, the accident has something to say


In the event of an accident, the surveillance video recording can be played back, the responsibility of the accident is clear at a glance, and the traffic police can handle the accident quickly and accurately; it can not only quickly evacuate the scene to restore traffic, but also retain the effective evidence at the time of the accident to create a safe and smooth traffic environment. In road traffic accident cases, the sentencing and compensation will be more accurate and evidence-based, and it will also provide evidence for insurance companies to settle claims. Of course, it is very important to choose a suitable dash cam at this time. For example, a 70-mile streaming dash cam is a good choice. Whether it is a dim environment or a rainy day, it can capture the details clearly, which is really great.


Third, the driving recorder can reduce the occurrence of accidents


If every vehicle is equipped with a dash cam, and drivers do not dare to drive in violation of regulations, the accident rate will also be greatly reduced, and the vehicles causing the accident will be recorded by the dash cams of other vehicles, and the number of hit-and-run cases will be greatly reduced. I think this is also the meaning of the future driving recorder. Safety is more important than anything else. This is an invisible binding force.

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